2017-2018 Roaring Lion Halftime Show!

Video Credit: Ashley Hang


The Roaring Lion “Symphonic” Band scored 1st Division “Superior” ratings in concert performance and sight reading at the UIL Regional Concert Contest. This rating, combined with the 1st Division “Superior” in marching, gives the Band program the UIL Sweepstakes “A” Trophy for superior performance in marching, concert, and sight reading. The last time the band won this award was 12 years ago. Roaring Lion Band Director Kenneth Vise beamed with pride as he shared, “This success is one more huge step in the trajectory of our band program."

2017 UIL Regional Contest

2017 UIL Regional Contest

You could’ve given up a long time ago, you could’ve done like a lot of other kids and dropped out, we all owe it to you because this is going to be your band forever.
— Kenneth Vise, Area Competition 2017

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